How To Lead A Sea Kayaking Trip During A Norte

From the Author's Notes:

"How to Lead a Sea Kayaking Trip During a Norte" began as a poem, and by the time I realized that it was a story, the second-person voice was so woven into the narrative that it wouldn't be removed. While I guided in Baja, this story is fiction. Except for when it's not."

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Literary Journals
Published in the Spring 2010 edition of Dogwood: A journal of poetry and prose.
Published in the 2010 edition of Alligator Juniper.
The Islander was published in Flyway, Vol 13.1, in Winter 2010.
"Edges," is an essay published in the Potomac Review. Issue 44. Fall 2008.
A narrative guide of 30 trips on tidal tributaries and coastlines in Marylandís Chesapeake Bay.
A paddler's guide to day trips from Georgetown to Chincoteague.